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Wolf Watch Cover


Wolf Watch

Illustrated by Laura Regan

Simon and Schuster

Available in Libraries

Wolf Watch is now available as an ebook on StarWalk Kids Media.

Wolf Watch is the story of a wolf family whose cubs are about to be born. The struggle of wolves to survive in the wilderness is written in poetic language with stunning oil paintings by Laura Regan. All ages.

Author Comments: As a second grade teacher, I was very surprised to have a man with a wolf on a leash come into my classroom. As the children stood close by, he spoke about the gentle qualities of wolves and their loving family ways. I had to rethink my ideas about wolves. I had always believed in the wolf of Red Riding Hood fame. Big, bad, and wicked. So one of my very first research projects was to examine the lives of wolves in the wild.

What Reviewers said: For those budding young naturalists who relish information on wild animals here is a treasure of a book. In short carefully worded quatrains, Winters accurately follows four wolf pups from the night of their birth through their first outing from the den. Reganís realistic oil paintings perfectly capture the animals actions and bring their world to life. School Library Journal, 11/97.

Wolf Watch follows the early days of a litter of pups but delivers its straightforward plot by way of manageable four line stanzas of verse. New York Times Book Review, 11/16/97.

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