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     I write picture books, poetry books, and early chapter books - both fiction and non-fiction. My books come out of my imagination, my life and my interests. School is a favorite topic. I LOVED school ... both as a student and a teacher. The books are closely related to the school curriculum,  and many can be used as models for writing activities and some for readers theater. A number are included in state reading lists, the International Reading Association Lists, Notable Book Lists, Junior Library Guild and Best Books lists. The age range for readers starts at 3 and goes up to 13.

     Recently, I have been drawn to history. When I was a student, I have to confess I hated  history. Who cared about all those dates, those lists of events? What did they have to do with me? It was only as an author that I discovered the “story” in history. Abe Lincoln, The Boy who Loved Books was my first historical venture. I found I loved finding out and writing about people’s lives. Lincoln was followed by Voices of Ancient Egypt. Then I moved on to Colonial Voices - Hear Them Speak, a picture book for students in grades 3-8. Larry Day, the illustrator, includes delicious historical details in his paintings (see below). Voices from the Oregon Trail, also illustrated by Larry, came next and has been picked up by the Junior Library Guild. My newest historical title is Voices From the Underground Railroad, again illustrated by Larry.

     A new poetry book, Did You Hear What I Heard? Poems About School, illustrated by Patrice Barton, made it's debut in February, 2018, in time for National Poetry Month in April. 

     Whatever the topic, the genre, or the reading level, it is the magic of story that compels me to discover, explore, and create.


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Did You Hear What I Heard?

Voices from the Underground Railroad
Abe Lincoln, The Boy Who Loved Books
Colonial Voices - Hear Them Speak
This School Year Will Be THE BEST!
Did You See What I Saw? Poems About School

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Whooo's Haunting the Teeny Tiny Ghost
The Teeny Tiny Ghost and the Monster
Voices from the Oregon Trail
My Teacher for President
Voices of Ancient Egypt
The Bears Go to School (A Pete and Gabby Book)
Pete & Gabby: The Bears Go to Town
Whooo's That?
Who's Coming for Christmas?
Tiger Trail
Wolf Watch
How Will the Easter Bunny Know?
But Mom, Everybody Else Does!

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