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The Bears Go to School
(A Pete & Gabby Picture Book)

Illustrated by Katherine Kirkland

Albert Whitman & Company
September, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-8075-0592-2

Jacket Art Copyright © by Katherine Kirkland, 2013



Pete and Gabby, two curious bears, love exploring
a school - painting, making music, climbing rock walls.
But what will happen when a cafeteria worker discovers
 the cubs helping themselves to the salad bar???

Bears Go To School Cover


Authors Note: Bears continue to visit Bucks County, PA, where we live. For the past several years, they have shown up in local newspaper reports which describe their visits to local school playgrounds, causing lock-downs inside the school and great excitement in the community. At the end of The Bears Go to Town, the cubs are taken home in a fire truck. On the way, they spot a big red building with yellow busses and kids coming out of the front door. "What's that?" asked Pete. "Don't know", said Gabby, "but we'll have to check it out!" And check it out they do!
What Reviewers Said:
I'm guessing that the students in this particular school won't have any trouble finding something about which to write. The illustrations are fun to examine. ...this one was fun to read. Barbara's Reviews. Goodreads, Sept. 2013.

You will thoroughly enjoy this humorous story and your children will especially love it. Katherine Kirkland's illustrations are perfect for the text of the story. Dad of Divas' Reviews, October, 2013.

Great for storytime. Wendy's Review, Goodreads, October, 2013.

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