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This School Year Will Be THE BEST!

Illustrated by Renee Andriani

Dutton Children's Books
July 8, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-525-42275-4

ISBN: 978-0-14-242696-8

Cover Copyright © by Renee Andriani, 2010




The Best Cover

This School Year Will Be THE BEST!  is a celebration of the special things that make up a wonderful school year from September to June.

Author's Note: As a child,  I never got over the wonder of school - All those magical things that could  happen.
          I'll look really good in my school picture.
          We'll have a chocolate fountain for lunch.
          I hope I won't be a vegetable in the school play.
          I'll make friends in my new school.
          I won't lose things in my desk.

With her humorous illustrations, Renee Andriani brings to life the daily dilemmas,
                                                                                                              dreams, and desires
                                                                                                                     of children hoping that

This School Year Will Be THE BEST!

While the book begins on the first day of school and goes through the school year, many teachers are using it for writing prompts at various times of the year. Some use it to have children write their response to "What am I most thankful for about school?". Some use it for new years resolutions - what I can do to make this the best school year ever. And a number use it again at the end of the year to have children write about "What would make next year the best school year ever?".

What Reviewers Said:
Booklist: On the first day of school, the teacher gathers her students into a circle to share their wishes for the coming year. Some are negative (“I won’t be a vegetable in our school play”), some rosy (“I’ll look good in my school picture”), and some perhaps overly optimistic (“We’ll have SKATEBOARD DAY”), but as a group, they reflect a great many facets of the elementary-school experience. And, in the classroom, it could lead straight into the year’s first art project. The short text leaves plenty of space for Andriani to work in, and she uses it imaginatively, creating upbeat and sometimes comical ink-and-wash illustrations. A good discussion starter for the beginning of the school year. Grades K-2.

Kirkus: On the first day of school, this primary-grade teacher encourages her students to share their hopes for the coming year. In one- or two-page spreads, the wishes unfold: for the best seat on the bus, a chocolate fountain at lunch, to kick the ball into the right goal, not to be a vegetable in the school play. . . this agreeable book could act as a fruitful springboard for class brainstorming. (Picture book. 4-7)

Joy Fleishhacker, Curriculum Connections--School Library Journal August 3, 2010: A Fine Beginning
It's only the first day, but a curly haired girl and her classmates already feel confident that This School Year Will Be the Best! (Dutton, 2010; K-Gr 3). Humor and high hopes abound, as their teacher gathers them in a circle and asks each one to share a wish for the days to come. Varying from the feasible ("I won't lose things in my desk") to the far-fetched ("We'll have a chocolate fountain at lunch!"), each aspiration is presented along with a cheerful cartoon-style illustration that adds both detail and imaginary flair. Kay Winters and Renée Andriani create a sense of bright expectancy as the students express their desires and take ownership over the school year. The final spread shows the kids posed around their teacher, proudly displaying pictures illustrating their wishes. Use this buoyant book to launch a similar discussion and art project, and help your students to feel right at home.

Sharyn Vane, Monthly Column on Children's Books,, Austin Texas: The effusive title of This School Year Will Be the Best! (Dutton: 16.99) says it all. This paean to educational experience from Kay Winters delves into the imagination of students after their new teacher asks for their wishes for the school year. Playful kinetic illustrations from Renee Andriani capture everything from the school play to the much-hoped-for snow day. ( Ages 4-8)

Hannah Trierweiler Hudson, Best Kids Books for the Classroom / This picture book about students sharing their wishes for the school year lends itself naturally to a paired activity in your own classroom. Gathered by their teacher on the first day of school, each child shares what he or she wants to have happen this year. The range of answers shows the many interests and personalities in a classroom until the teacher shares her wish: to get to know each child. Lively ink and wash illustrations are sure to start anyone’s school year off right.

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