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 Tiger Trail Cover

Tiger Trail

Illustrated by Laura Regan

Simon and Schuster 9/ 2000. 
Available in Libraries

Tiger Trail is now available as an ebook on StarWalk Kids Media

Cover Copyright © by Laura Regan, 2000

Tiger Trail is a companion to Wolf Watch. Suspense simmers in this exploration of a tiger family and how they live in the wild. Watch the tigress teach her cubs to hunt, stalk, swim and survive. Exquisite oil paintings. All ages.

Author Comments: When Simon and Schuster requested another animal book from Laura and I, we decided on the tiger, because tigers have a very different family structure from wolves. The mother does the nurturing, protecting and teaching. We were also interested in portraying a different kind of environment. The jungle offered rich possibilities.

What Reviewers Said: The author and illustrator of Wolf Watch here team up again to let the tigress speak, "I am the tigress/ I walk alone." Wintersís tigress describes how she hunts to feed her cubs, washes them with her warm wet tongue, carries them to safety to avoid a lurking leopard, and teaches them to swim, hide and hunt until at last they can live on their own... Reganís huge black and gold tigress has strength and dignity while the inquisitive cubs are cuddly and cute... This is an attractive nature read-aloud for the picture-book set. Kirkus.

I am the tigress/ I walk alone. No pack/no pride/ no mate/ helps me survive. The double page illustration to these opening lines emphasizes strength above all. The tigress/body with head turned in a business-like way is muscularly powerful. Though given a narrating voice, the tigress is not made chatty. Children might not see an immediate correlation to single parent households, but could feel a sense of pride in difficult jobs done well. Chicago Tribune.

This attractive picture book with gorgeous wildlife paintings and dramatic narration by a bold mother tiger, is a great choice for classroom units on animals....Exciting scenes depict the hunt for prey, and as the cubs grow they join in the action. All full color double page spreads, the pictures are highly detailed and will invite repeated browsing. Book Links.

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