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The Teeny Tiny Ghost and the Monster

Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

HarperCollins, 2004

Now available as as eBook on Kindle and iTunes.

Available in libraries.


Cover Copyright by Lynn Munsinger, 2004


Monster Cover

The Teeny Tiny Ghost and the Monster. He's back!  The Teeny Tiny Ghost. But this time he is battling bullies and an overwhelming assignment at his Teeny Tiny School. A sequel to the Teeny Tiny Ghost series.

Author's Comments: At the Teeny Tiny Ghost's School,  the Spook and Spirit Club is running a  Make-a-Monster contest just in time for Halloween. But it's much too a nightmare coming true. What to do? The Teeny Tiny Ghost  has to fend off teasing from two school bullies and complete his project by tomorrow morning. Find out how his two black cats help the Teeny Tiny Ghost solve his problem.
What Reviewers Said:

School Library Journal: All the ghosts in the teeny tiny school are excited about the upcoming Make a Monster contest - except the timid teeny tiny ghost, who finds the idea very frightening. At the end of the school day, he has not come up with any inspiration for his picture. On the way home, he flies over a dump filled with "raggy saggy sofas" and wires, springs, clocks and wheels.  ...That evening, he constructs his monster. When he takes his junkyard creation to school, the other students smirk, snicker, and giggle. During recess, however, the Spook and Spirit Club judges the entries. The blue ribbon is hanging on teeny tiny ghost's friendly monster. ...Great fun as a Halloween read-aloud. (9/04).

Maria Salvadore, Reviewer for Children's Literature Comprehensive Data Base: Most of the young ghosts in class think that the Spook and Spirit Club's contest to create the scariest monster just in time for Halloween is a terrific idea; that is, everyone except the timid and teeny tiniest ghost. ...The lively text is rhythmic, rhyming and alliterative accompanied by lighthearted, very humorous cartoon-like illustrations. Together they sweep across each double page spread to the satisfying conclusion and will remind human children that they, too, can overcome almost anything when they put their minds to it. (2004).

Awards / Book Club Selections:

The Teeny Tiny Ghost and the Monster has been selected by the Scholastic Book Club and Book Fair to be included in their 2005 selections, with an accompanying audio tape.


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