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This School Year Will Be THE BEST!
Illustrated by Renee Andriani

Dutton Children's Books
July 8,, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-525-42275-4

Cover Copyright © by Renee Andriani, 2010

This School Year Will Be THE BEST!  is a celebration of the special things that make up a wonderful school year from September to June.

Author's Note: As a child,  I never got over the wonder of the beginning of the school year - All those magical thing that could  happen.
          I'll look really good in my school picture.
          We'll have a chocolate fountain for lunch.
          I hope I won't be a vegetable in the school play.
          I'll make friends in my new school.
          I won't lose things in my desk.

With her humorous illustrations, Renee Andriani brings to life the daily dilemmas,
                                                                                                              dreams and desires
                                                                                                                     of children beginning a new year!

This School Year Will Be THE BEST!

What Reviewers Said:
Booklist: On the first day of school, the teacher gathers her students into a circle to share their wishes for the coming year. Some are negative (“I won’t be a vegetable in our school play”), some rosy (“I’ll look good in my school picture”), and some perhaps overly optimistic (“We’ll have SKATEBOARD DAY”), but as a group, they reflect a great many facets of the elementary-school experience. And, in the classroom, it could lead straight into the year’s first art project. The short text leaves plenty of space for Andriani to work in, and she uses it imaginatively, creating upbeat and sometimes comical ink-and-wash illustrations. A good discussion starter for the beginning of the school year. Grades K-2.

Kirkus: On the first day of school, this primary-grade teacher encourages her students to share their hopes for the coming year. In one- or two-page spreads, the wishes unfold: for the best seat on the bus, a chocolate fountain at lunch, to kick the ball into the right goal, not to be a vegetable in the school play. . . this agreeable book could act as a fruitful springboard for class brainstorming. (Picture book. 4-7)

This School Year Will Be THE BEST!
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